Privacy Policy

This page contains KodGaraj.com General Privacy Policy. Privacy policies have been determined for websites and mobile applications under headings.

KodGaraj.com (Website)


Our website does not request your personal information. Visit data about the pages you visit are saved as cookies in order to provide better service.


Havam (Mobile Application)


  • HAVAM mobile application only requests your location information. Your location information is optional. The application can be used without sharing location information.
  • Weather application shows the weather conditions instantly according to the entered location.
  • Havam application does not request your personal information from you.
  • Havam application does not record your personal data (including location).
  • Havam application does not share information with third parties.
  • The Havam app is ad-free.
  • The Havam app is free.Mobile ApplicationMobile Application

What is KodGaraj?

It is the name of the software team that includes several entrepreneurial developers who have been developing software together since 2015. The team has software experience in almost every field.

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