What Are We Doing?


We offer software solutions.


Mobile Application

We develop mobile application solutions tailored to your business and needs. If necessary, we carry out the processes of publishing and updating mobile software in application markets.

Web Software

Specific to your needs and industry; running on a web-based local or cloud server; We produce software solutions that can be accessed from anywhere.


E-Commerce Site

We produce WordPress & WooCommerce based e-commerce solutions.


We develop plugins as needed.


We set up and configure the necessary payment infrastructures for e-commerce.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

We manage your business-specific social media and digital marketing processes.

We carry out search engine optimization (SEO) processes when needed.


What is KodGaraj?

It is the name of the software team that includes several entrepreneurial developers who have been developing software together since 2015. The team has software experience in almost every field.

What are we doing?

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